Peel Urbanscapes, founded in January 2017, is devoted to showcasing Peel and its neighbouring city Toronto’s local food and urban culture. The Peel Region is composed of three municipalities west and northwest of Toronto: Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon. To examine local food and urban culture in both Peel and Toronto, we focus on residents’ culinary and housing experiences — we showcase what residents eat and where they live, delving deep into the intersections between food and housing choices made both on a daily basis and at key life moments. Check our blog for weekly updates on topics such as: diaspora food memories, restaurant observations, and interviews with local residents and store-owners.



This blog is also in partnership with the Peel Social Lab (PSL). Spearheaded by the University of Toronto Mississauga Sociology Department, PSL is dedicated to gathering, storing, analyzing, and sharing data on the Peel Region. It aims to develop a repository of data on the Peel Region that can be used by researchers and community leaders to enrich understanding both of this diverse region and larger population dynamics. The PSL is committed to involving students in this process. By incorporating data gathering efforts into undergraduate sociology classes, the PSL will give students hands-on experience in research design and analysis conducted on Peel Region society. Such work will provide students with valuable research skills, while also helping both them and the PSL establish contacts within the wider Peel Region. Through the collaborative development of a data repository, the PSL aims to foster the growth of a resource pool that will foster closer connection between the University of Toronto Mississauga and members of the Peel Region community. PSL can be accessed at the following temporary website: