Parkdale: Photo Essay by Loki

Parkdale, one of the many neighbourhoods in Toronto, is particularly intriguing due to its history of Tibetan and Mongolian enclaves. However, these enclaves are endangered due to the rise of gentrification in the area, which is why I decided to focus my photo essay on this neighbourhood. Previously, I was unfamiliar with the area, until my tattoo artist moved there. Upon roaming the streets surrounding the parlour, I immediately noticed the juxtaposition between the trendy, expensive boutiques, and the shabby apartment buildings that surrounded them. When given the assignment, I was determined to explore an area that was unfamiliar to me which made Parkdale a suitable subject of focus.


Loki is in her fourth year, studying Criminology, Sociology, and Women and Gender Studies at UTM. She has a penchant for social justice, and art (all platforms). When she’s not at school, she’s at work, or she’s volunteering for the school’s Sexual Education Centre. In the very little time that she has for herself, she enjoys seeing her friends over coffee, and finding new places to discover in Toronto.


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